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The MessagePad 2100 was a touchscreen mobile device that was released by Apple Computer as the final model of its MessagePad tablet computer line.


The MessagePad 2100 was announced on October 20, 1997 and shipped on November 7.[1] It was discontinued only a few months later on February 27, 1998 along with the rest of the Newton platform.[2]


The MessagePad 2100 utilized the form factor of the MessagePad 2000 with the same model number and 162 MHz StrongARM 110 processor. However, it contained 4 MB of dynamic RAM, a four-fold increase over its predecessor. An additional 4 MB of flash memory was built-in for storage, which could be expanded through the two PCMCIA slots. The 480 x 320 LCD display supported 16 shades of gray and included electroluminscent backlighting. The 2100 was also the only MessagePad model to be branded "Newton Technology" from Newton, Inc., a short-lived subsidiary of Apple which was soon re-absorbed and shut down.[2][3]


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