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Motorola MC68030RC20B processor

A pin grid array (PGA) version, similar to that used by the Macintosh IIx and IIfx.

The Motorola 68030, also referred to as the 68030 or '030, is a 32-bit CISC processor that was produced by Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector as an updated version of the the Motorola 68020. The 68030 was used in most of the Macintosh II series along with many early Macintosh LC and Performa models. It was also used in the first NeXT computer. It was succeeded by the Motorola 68040.


Motorola MC68030FE20B QFP processor

A quad flat package (QFP) version, used by the Macintosh IIsi and the early PowerBook line.

Introduced in 1987, the 68030 further improved processor efficiency over the 68020 by adding a second 256-byte cache for data, along with a burst mode. A paged memory management unit (PMMU) was built directly into the 68030, integrating the functionality of the Motorola 68851 for virtual memory support.

The 68030 was available in clock speeds up to 33MHz in a compact quad flat package, or up to 50MHz in a ceramic pin grid array (PGA) package. The highest speed of the latter was only used in a DayStar PowerCache accelerator.

Macintosh models with 68030 processors[]

Motorola MC68030RL16B Macintosh IIcx

A low-power PGA version, used by the Macintosh IIcx.

Pin grid array (PGA) version:

Quad flat package (QFP) version:


  • Motorola 68EC030 - a low-cost embedded version without a memory management unit, making it functionally equivalent to a 68020 processor without virtual memory support. It was available in speeds up to 40MHz, but was used only by the entry level version of the Amiga 4000 computer and some accelerator cards for the Amiga line.

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