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The Newer Technology UltraDock (formerly RasterOps DuoMate) is series of portable docking stations that were originally developed and released in 1993 by RasterOps for the PowerBook Duo line from Apple Computer.[1][2] They were later marketed by Newer Technology.[3]


Narrower, but longer than Apple's Duo MiniDock, the UltraDocks still interfaced with PowerBook Duo notebooks through the custom 152-pin docking connector. Instead of a motor or lever, a small button was used to release the device. The ports included a single Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port, a HDI-20 port to attach an external floppy drive, a DA-15 port for video out, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio out. The base model (DuoMate 8) supported 8-bit color, while the UltraDock 16sc supported 16-bit color and included a DB-25 SCSI port. The UltraDock 16sce also included a RJ45 Ethernet port.[3][4]

Supported models[]

The UltraDocks are known to support all 68k-based PowerBook Duo models, though its compatibility with the PowerPC 601-based PowerBook Duo 2300c is uncertain.[5] Ethernet support requires the installation of software drivers.[6][7]


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