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The Nike + iPod Sensor, or Nike+ Sensor, is a wireless fitness pedometer for early iOS devices that was marketed by Nike and Apple Computer. This motion sensor could be placed inside the sole of a Nike+ shoe to count the user's steps.[1]


The Nike + iPod Sensor was first introduced in 2006 as part of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit that also included a wireless receiver to be attached to the 30-pin dock connector of early iPod nano models.[1][2] The kit was superseded on September 9, 2009 by the 5th-generation iPod nano which contained its own accelerometer for use as a pedometer,[3] though it did still support the sensor.[4]

The Nike + iPod Sensor could be purchased separately for the iPhone 3GS through 5S, which do not require a wireless receiver. The iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus and later) contained its own Apple motion coprocessor and did not support the Nike+ Sensor.[5] Users have complained about the sensor's accuracy and battery life, which only lasts about a year and is not designed to be user-replaceable.[6] The sensor was phased out in 2014.[7]

All current Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPod touch models contain their own accelerometers, negating the need for a separate accessory. Nike's software functionality on iOS devices has been carried over into the Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club apps.[8][9]

Usage outside of Nike+ footwear[]

It is possible to use the Nike + iPod Sensor with footware outside of the Nike+ product line by using a combination of tape, velcro, and / or the shoe's laces to secure the sensor to the shoe. It is advised to keep the sensor as horizontal as possible. Some third parties also produced pouches for the sensor.[10]

Supported Apple devices[]

No wireless receiver required, except where noted:



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