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Notification Center is a feature in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS in which the user can see alerts from applications on the device. It was developed by Apple Inc. and released with iOS 5 on October 12, 2011.[1]


The Notification Center was first implemented by Apple in iOS 5, replacing modal windows for push notifications that could not be recalled after being dismissed since iOS 3.[1]

The notifications in Notification Center collate in a window which can be dragged down from the menu bar. If the user touches the notification, they will go to the application that the notification is from. There are three flavors of notifications: Banner-style messages strip across any app that are being used, including the phone's lock screen. Alerts are the familiar, large blue screens that pop up and demand action before being dismissed. The weather, phone, Messages, calendar, stock, mail, and Game Center applications are the default applications that are supported within Notification Center. The Apple-designed applications Apple Store and Cards are supported as well. Notification Center can also be customized to be viewed on the lock screen. A user can respond to a notification on the lock screen by swiping on it.[2][3]

The competing mobile operating system Android had first implemented its own form of notifications in its status bar. It later introduced a Notifications panel which has since evolved to become more comparable to iOS' Notification Center over successive releases.[4]


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