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The Personal LaserWriter NT was a monochrome laser printer from the LaserWriter series that was released by Apple Computer for the home office market in June 1990.


The SC could print at a resolution of 300-dpi from a Canon LBP-LX print engine that could output 4 pages-per-minute with a rated life of 150,000 pages. It is compatible with HP LaserJet IIP toner cartridges.[1]

Like the LaserWriter IISC before it, costs were reduced by eliminating LocalTalk networking and PostScript support. The slower 7.275 MHz Motorola 68000 processor could only handle images that were pre-rasterized by QuickDraw in a Macintosh computer. Adobe Type Manager or System 7's TrueType support was necessary for reproduction of scalable outline fonts. The data would then be transmitted over a SCSI connection. The smaller enclosure weighed about 13 pounds less than preceding LaserWriter II models with lower power consumption and cost in exchange for a shorter life expectancy.[1][2][3]


The SC was discontinued in September 1993 and was superseded by the Personal LaserWriter LS which replaced the SCSI connector with the more commonly used RS-422 serial port.[1][4] Another higher-output, but non-networkable, alternative was the LaserWriter Select 300.[5]


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