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Philip Marshall "Phil" Roybal (born July 1946) is a marketing executive who was an early employee at Apple Computer.[1][2]


Roybal received a BSEE in computer science and computer system engineering in 1968 from the UC Berkeley College of Engineering.[1]


Roybal joined Hewlett-Packard in 1968 as an engineer where he constructed, tested, and installed computer-controlled microwave measurement systems. In 1969, he moved to Varian Data Machines where he sold minicomputers for two years, then moved into the marketing department. In 1973, he joined National Semiconductor and became the microprocessor group marketing manager.[1] He received a patent on October 13, 1981 for a telecommunications data compression technique he developed while at National Semiconductor.[3]

Apple Computer[]

Roybal joined Apple Computer in January 1978 as employee #35.[4][5] As one of the first marketing staff, he built up the product marketing and tech support departments.[1] He later became manager of communications programs.[6] Roybal relocated to Paris, France from 1983 to 1984 to supervise the introduction of the Macintosh into the European market. After returning to California, he managed U.S. field sales training, and then leadership training for Apple University. Roybal left Apple in 1990.[1]

After Apple[]

After leaving Apple, Roybal started a marketing consulting firm and did presentation skills and exhibit staff sales training with The Hill Group until 2010. He has been the vice president of marketing at MaiaLearning since November 2010.[1]


Roybal helped the Smithsonian Institution procure an Apple-1 specimen from Homestead High School (previously attended by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) and provided the school with a fully-equipped Apple II in exchange.[7][8]


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