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Philip S. "Spike" Schlein (born c. 1935) is an American executive who was the chairman and CEO of Macy's California and a corporate director of R.H. Macy & Company.[1] He was also a member of the Apple Board of Directors.[2]

Early life and education[]

Schlein was born to Benjamin and Sophie Schlein and was raised in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.[3] He received a B.S. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1957.[2][4]


Schlein relocated to San Francisco in 1974 to become the CEO of Macy's California. In 1976, he acquired property in Napa Valley upon which he founded his family's winery.[5] In 1977, Schlein became a director of R.H. Macy & Company. He stepped down in what was called an "amicable parting" in December 1984.[1]

Schlein joined the board of directors of Apple Computer in 1979, acting as an advisor to co-founder Steve Jobs. Following the departure of Jobs in 1985, Schlein himself stepped down from Apple in 1987.[2]

Schlein works as a venture capitalist in Menlo Park, California.[5] He has been the chairman of the board of Mavatar since September 2013.[2]


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