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PhotoGrade, later also known as Color PhotoGrade, is a resolution enhancement technology developed by Apple Computer to improve the appearance of grayscale and color images by allowing LaserWriter models to print with finer halftones than normally allowed by the native resolution of their laser printer engines.


PhotoGrade was introduced in October 1991 as an option in the LaserWriter IIf, and as a standard feature of the LaserWriter IIg. The increased levels of gray resulted in images with smoother halftones and reduced posterization. In some entry level models, printer's memory needed to be upgaded to enable this feature.[1][2]

Color PhotoGrade was introduced in June 1995 with the Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS, allowing the 600-dpi printer to simulate near-photographic quality produced by higher-resolution color printers of up to 2400-dpi.[3] Color PhotoGrade was later extended as an option to some Color StyleWriter models.[4]


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