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  Developer:Pixelmator Team
  Operating system: iOS, iPadOS, Mac OS
  Price:US$ 4.99 (for iOS)
US$ 7.99 (Photo)
US$ 39.99 (Pro)

Pixelmator is a family of image editing software developed for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Its slogan is "Image editing for the rest of us".

Major features[]

Pixelmator boasts many features including

  • "Worlds first GPU powered graphics editor"
  • Photoshop brush and file support
  • Quick look plugin (enables you to view more photos in it)
  • Based upon open-source components (ImageMagick)
  • iPhoto compatibility
  • Automator support
  • iSight easy import


Pixelmator Team Ltd. originally launched Pixelmator exclusively for Mac OS X in 2007.[1] It grew to become a popular alternative to Adobe Photoshop among other image editing programs, such as Affinity Photo. In Fall 2017, Pixelmator for macOS was succeeded by Pixelmator Pro and the original software was retroactively referred to as Pixelmator Classic.[2]

On December 10, 2020, Pixelmator Photo became the first 3rd-party app to support Apple's ProRAW file format on iOS and iPadOS.[1][3]

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