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The PowerBook 2400c is the closest Apple came to producing a sub-notebook. Although it was technically not a PowerBook Duo, it was designed with features that were associated to the Duo series in a slim, lightweight form factor. It weighed only 4.4 pounds at a time when most Mac laptops were nearing the 8 pound mark.

When Apple introduced this machine in May 1997, it was at first intended only for the Mac market in Japan, later expanded to include the United States. Consequently, warranty services are only valid for these two nations.

Lighter than a PowerBook Duo 2300c and as fast as a standard PowerBook 3400c, the 2400c packs an active-matrix 800x600 pixel screen. Its full array of ports was remarkable, but it still used an external floppy disk drive and offered no internal CD-ROM option.

The 2400c, however, has a very small keyboard, being originally targeted only for the Japanese Mac market.

Taiwan has a 2400c fan club for users of this increasingly rare laptop.

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