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17-inch PowerBook G4 (aluminum)

The PowerBook G4 is a series of laptop computers from Apple Computer based around the PowerPC G4 processor.

PowerBook G4 (titanium)[]


15-inch PowerBook G4 (titanium)

Main article: PowerBook G4 (titanium)

The first PowerBook G4 was introduced in January 2001, featuring a 15-inch widescreen display in a 1-inch thin titanium enclosure.

PowerBook G4 (aluminum)[]

On January 7, 2003, the next generation of the PowerBook G4 was introduced, using an enclosure made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The first aluminum models featured 12 and 17-inch displays, with a 15-inch version following in September 2003.

12-inch PowerBook G4[]

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17-inch PowerBook G4[]

Main article: PowerBook G4 (17-inch aluminum)

15-inch PowerBook G4[]

Main article: PowerBook G4 (15-inch aluminum)

Product recalls[]

The batteries for the aluminum PowerBook G4 and iBook G4 models were recalled for safety.[1] However, a number of the replacement batteries also failed.[2]


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