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The PowerCD is a CD-ROM drive and Photo CD viewer developed by Philips and marketed by Apple Computer.[1]


The PowerCD is a rebranded version of the Philips CDF-100 that was adapted by Apple's Mac Like Things group and released in 1993. It included two 3.5mm jacks to output audio to headphones and speakers. A custom A/V port could be attached to an adapter cable to output audio and video to a television monitor. It also included a separate module that attached through a custom connector to provide a SCSI port, a power adapter port, and a compartment for eight AA batteries.[2][3] However, battery life during usage was reportedly poor.[4] The software included a PowerCD Audio desk accessory. When used without a computer, it could be controlled through a bundled remote.[2]

Unreleased version[]

A navy blue version had been planned for the consumer market, but was not publicly released.[5][6]


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