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Not to be confused with a user's Public folder under Mac OS X and macOS.

Public Folder was an early file sharing utility for Macintosh System 6 created by Michael Peirce at Claris.[1]


Public Folder was accessed through the Chooser and brought up a simple dialog box in which the user selected what file to fetch from another Mac on an AppleTalk network that also had the Public Folder extension installed.[2] Version 1.0, dated September 20, 1989, was distributed to users for free. It was updated to version 1.01 in 1991.[3]

Compatibility and discontinuation[]

Claris issued an advisory that installing Public Folder with Vaccine 1.01 and Mirror by Central Point Software on the same Mac would cause it to crash upon startup.[4] The utility fell out of use after System 7 introduced file sharing as a standard feature in 1991.[5]


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