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QuickCam is the first widely marketed webcam. It was originally developed by Connectix for Macintosh computers from Apple Computer, and connected through the serial port. A version that connected to the parallel port was introduced for PCs.


Connectix Color QuickCam

A Color QuickCam

The first version was released for Macintosh in October 1994 and captured 320x240 still images in 16 shades of gray, or video at 15 frames per second, using its proprietary VIDEC codec. A color model was released in 1996 with a CCD that could capture in color at up to 640x480 resolution. Connectix VideoPhone software was also offered to provide videoconferencing with Apple's QuickTime conferencing technology.[1]

In 1998, the QuickCam product line was acquired from Connectix by Logitech.

Pippin and QuickCam[]

Networld+Interop96 Connectix QuickCam Pippin

A QuickCam demonstrated with a Pippin Atmark at Networld+Interop Tokyo '96

Bandai Digital Entertainment demonstrated a Pippin Atmark console displaying video captured from a QuickCam at Networld+Interop '96, held July 22-26, 1996 in Tokyo, Japan. BDEC was considering development to port CU-SeeMe teleconferencing support.[2]

Software development kits from Apple included extensions for the color and grayscale QuickCams, but no commercial software with such support was known to have been released for the Pippin platform.[3]


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