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The QuickTime Conferencing Kit is a hardware and software kit marketed by Apple Computer.


The kit was originally announced as the Apple Media Conference Kit in February 1995 as part of several media conferencing packages scheduled to ship in the summer:[1][2]

  • Apple Media Conference Kit for Macintosh ($200) — includes camera and software only.
  • Apple Media Conference Pro Kit ($1,750) — includes the above with a H.320 hardware encoder and ISDN adapter board.
  • Apple Complete Media Conferencing System ($6,000) — includes the above with a Macintosh computer and external speakers.

Beta versions of the conferencing kits were observed to be able to deliver good video quality at up to 30 frames per second on a local area network.[2] However, the kits missed their original ship date targets.


The Quicktime Conferencing Kit (M4490LL/B) shipped on December 18, 1995 at a price of US$289. Volume licensing was available through Apple's Claris subsidiary. The QuickTime Conferencing ISDN Kit (M4585LL/A) contained an ISDN NuBus card that shipped in the first quarter of 1996 at a price of $1750. A PCI version of the kit (M4616LL/A) followed in the next quarter.[3]

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