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Radar was Apple's internal bug tracking system. It was used for development tracking, from bugs to feature enhancements to assigned tasks.


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The Radar system was open to registered members of the Apple Developer program who could use it to file bug reports or enhancement requests. Although Radar was reportedly versatile when used by Apple employees, its data was not openly accessible to users outside of the company.[1]


The constant instruction to "File a Radar" for bugs were often followed by weeks or years without an any indication that anyone had acknowledged or even read about the issue. This led to the perception of the Radar system being a “black hole”.[2] Because users had no way of knowing if an issue had already been reported, it became common to receive a reply that a submission was a duplicate of another issue. Such users would also be unable to find out whether the issue had ever been resolved.[1] Developer Tim Burks responded by creating an open source database called Open Radar which could also accept radar submissions, but allowed the bug reports to be openly searchable.[3]

iOS App[]

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The app is installed through SwitchBoard for confidential use within Apple. It can be accessed by typing rdar:// in the address bar of Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If Radar is not installed, the user would be redirected to Apple's debugging web portal, Apple Bug Reporter (now Feedback Assistant), which is open to consumers, developers, and businesses to report bugs during beta testing of Apple products.[4][5]


Radar also contains a set of iMessage stickers within its iOS App.


At the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple replaced Radar with a native developer app of Feedback Assistant for iOS 12.4 and macOS Catalina or later.[6][7] However, the rdar:// prefix is still used for individual bug reports. Developers can view their older Radar submissions through Feedback Assistant until it has been closed for 5 years and no new updates for 60 days.[3][6] With the announcement of iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur at the 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced "Teams for Feedback Assistant", which allows enterprise developer groups to collaborate on feedback and check one another's bug reports on a common project.[8]


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