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Red Chair Software was a developer of file management and transfer utility software for music players, such as Creative Labs' NOMAD and Apple's iPod lines.


Red Chair's website went online in 2002 and the company was incorporated in Santa Clara, California on June 5, 2003 with Alexander Wong as CEO.[1] Red Chair received praise in the early 2000s for developing software with intuitive user interfaces and more useful features than Creative and Apple's own included software. Most of its software was distributed freely on a trialware basis.[2][3][4]


Despite the positive reception to its products, Red Chair's support department was criticized for poor treatment of customers and the company eventually went out of business as users sought alternative freeware, such as MediaMonkey.[5] Red Chair Software, Inc. was dissolved on November 10, 2011.[1]

An unrelated company, also named Red Chair Software, was established in 2017 in London, UK to develop business automation software.[6]



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