Samsung (Korean: 삼성, which translates to "3 stars" in English) is a South Korean conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It is the largest chaebol (business conglomerate) in South Korea.

Its subsidiary Samsung Electronics manufactures mobile devices which use the Android operating system, a competitor with Apple's iOS-based mobile product line. Samsung also produced electronic components for use in Apple products.[1]

Work with Apple


Samsung owes Apple $539 million for Copying iPhone

Apple used Samsung as a manufacturer of screens and processors for its early iPhone models. After Apple accused Samsung of copying its technology in its Galaxy mobile devices, a legal battle was initiated between the two companies. Apple prevailed in the lawsuit, causing Samsung to pledge to create a "firewall" to prevent unauthorized transfer of technology from its manufacturing to its mobile divisions.[2] However, Apple took its mobile processor manufacturing business to TSMC.[3] In 2020, Apple began shifting orders for future iPhone screens from Samsung to LG.[1]


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