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Scott Jay Knaster (born December 26, 1959) is a technical writer who was an early employee of Apple Computer.

Early life and education[]

Knaster studied at Washington University in St. Louis from 1976 to 1977.[1] He married his wife Barbara on August 10, 1980.


Apple Computer[]

In March 1983, Knaster joined Apple Computer as employee #4426, serving as a technical writer and a technical support manager for the Apple Developer program.[1][2][3] He first worked in the Lisa technical support group, but moved to the Macintosh group in April 1984 to provide developer technical support. He began writing early Macintosh documentation because so little existed at the time.[2][4]

After Apple[]

In 1987, Knaster left Apple to work for former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki on 4th Dimension for six months. Afterwards, he met with Steve Jobs and received an offer to work for NeXT. However, Knaster declined because of what would have been a long commute and the lack of information about NeXT at the time.[4]

In 1990, Knaster became the 14th employee of General Magic, where he was a frammistat designer and wrote API and SDK documentation. In June 1996, he joined the Mac Business Unit at Microsoft, writing documentation for programmers and general users until February 2003. In 2005, Knaster joined Google (now Alphabet), serving as a technical writer of developer documentation and customer support for Google Fiber. He also managed Google's developer social communications program and edited the developers' blog.[1][4][5]

Other work[]

Knaster was contracted as a writer of SDK documentation for Danger Inc. before it was acquired by Microsoft.[4] He is presently a member of the board of directors of the FOGG Theatre in San Francisco, California.[6]



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