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The Sharp Expert Pad PI-7100 was a touchscreen mobile device that was released by Sharp Corporation, based on the Newton platform from Apple Computer.[1]


The Expert Pad PI-7100 was released in April 1994 and discontinued later that same year due to poor sales. Sharp also produced Apple's version of the device, the MessagePad 100.[1][2]


Like the MessagePad 100, the Expert Pad PI-7100 featured a 20 MHz ARM 610 processor with 640 KB of static RAM. 482 KB of RAM was used by Newton OS, depending on the version, leaving 158 KB available for user data. Storage space could be expanded through the PCMCIA Type II slot. The monochrome LCD screen displayed 336 x 240 pixels. A 9600 baud fax modem was optional.[1][2]

System updates[]

The Expert Pad PI-7100 is virtually identical to the PI-7000, except that its newer ROM could support up to Newton OS 1.3, while its predecessor is limited to version 1.0.5 or 1.1.1.[1] Apple also released a software update from Newton OS 1.2 to 1.3 on January 30, 1995.[3]


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