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The Siri Remote (and Apple TV Remote) are wireless controller devices that are included with the Apple TV HD and 4K models (4th generation and later).


Siri Remote Apple TV Remote

The Siri Remote has a white outline around the Menu button.

1st generation (black)[]

Both remotes feature 6 buttons and a trackpad. The Siri Remote can be distinguished by a white outline around the Menu button. The Apple TV Remote (without the white outline) is included with Apple TV models sold in regions where Siri is not available. Otherwise, the two models are virtually identical. They use Bluetooth 4.0 for touch-based navigation, infrared (IR) for the volume buttons, and a Lightning port for charging. An accelerometer and gyroscope are built in for use with games.[1]

Criticism and alternatives[]

Some users prefer the physical direction buttons of the preceding Apple Remotes over the glass surfaces of the Apple TV Remote or Siri Remote, which are more prone to breakage.[2] The Apple TV Remote feature can also be enabled in Control Center to allow an iOS or iPadOS device to function as a Bluetooth-based remote for smart TVs that support AirPlay 2, as well as the 3rd-generation Apple TV or later.[3] A third party remote from Salt Mobile of Switzerland can be set up to control Apple TVs, but models with Bluetooth need to be unpaired from any other remotes first.[4][5]

Apple TV 4K2

2nd generation (aluminum)[]

On April 20, 2021, Apple announced the 2nd-generation Apple TV 4K with updated Siri Remote,[6] which resembles the previous aluminum Apple Remote. The touch sensitive clickpad supports gestures and it is backwards compatible with previous Apple TV 4K and HD models.[7]


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