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Sleeper is a shareware control panel for classic Mac OS. However, it was never updated for Mac OS X.


Sleeper offers an alternative to the Energy Saver control panel with more specific controls:

  • Hard disk sleep
  • Energy Star monitor support
  • Password screen locking
  • A very frugal screen saver
  • Timed sleep and shutdown
  • Configurable hotkey options
  • Support for the Sleep command in the Finder's Special menu
  • Kaleidoscope and Mac OS 9 compatibility
  • PowerPC-native support for both IDE and SCSI disks
  • Support for multiple IDE and SCSI buses
  • Full SCSI Manager 4.3 compliance
  • Balloon help

External links[]

  • Sleeper at St. Clair Software (archived 2000-08-16)
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