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Smart Connector on Smart Keyboard and 1st gen iPad Pro

Smart Connector contacts on a Smart Keyboard (top) and 1st generation iPad Pro.

The Smart Connector is a proprietary connection interface used by the iPad line of tablets from Apple Inc.

Product history[]

The Smart Connector originally appeared in September 2015 in the first iPad Pro, and later appeared in the 3rd-generation iPad Air and 7th-generation iPad. Only the iPad mini still lacks a Smart Connector. The connection uses 3 flush metal contacts and is held in place magnetically, like the MagSafe power adapter. The Smart Connector can also provide electrical power to the peripheral or draw power to charge the iPad. The first peripheral to use the connector was Apple's Smart Keyboard. Apple made the Smart Connector specifications open for 3rd-party hardware developers to adopt.[1]

In November 2018, the Smart Connector was repositioned to the back of new 3rd-generation iPad Pro models (12.9-inch and 11-inch), drawing criticism for the change in the usage of the standard. Outside of Logitech and Brydge, there few major manufacturers of accessories for the connector at first.[2][3] 3rd-party companies complained of the high price and wait times for proprietary components.[4][5]

In October 2022, the Smart Connector was once again repositioned to the back of the 10.9-inch 10th-generation iPad, rendering it incompatible with existing accessories for 10.9-inch iPad Airs and 11-inch iPad Pros, despite adopting an otherwise similar form factor.[6]

Product list[]


3rd parties[]

  • Logi Base charging dock (side connection)[7]
  • Slim Combo Keyboard (side connection)[8]


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