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iTunes Sources showing Smart Playlists

A Smart Playlist is a feature of iTunes software (as of version 3) which allows the user to create a playlist based on different criteria selected by the user. It can be created as a one-off, unchangeable list, or can be made to change continuously ("live updating"). It appears as a purple-and-white-striped document icon with a black gear in it.


iTunes Smart Playlist options window

To create a new Smart Playlist, choose New Smart Playlist... from the File menu, or alternatively click (with the option key held down) on the icon of a toothed gear (usually a plus sign if the option key is not down).

As of iTunes 4.5, the user also has an option to include, or exclude, a playlist, as a parameter of a Smart Playlist.

Smart Playlists appear above normal playlists in iTunes and on the iPod (except on the iPod shuffle, which has no display). It can, however, appear mixed with other playlists in other applications.

To modify a Smart Playlist, select it in the iTunes Sources pane and press command-I, or choose Get Info from the File menu.

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