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Spruce Technologies was a privately-held DVD authoring company in California that was acquired by Apple Computer in 2001.


Spruce Technologies was founded in 1996 by Dr. Hiromu Soga with investments from Japan, Taiwan, and North America. The company had been developing DVDMaestro, a competitor to Apple's own newly released DVD Studio Pro 1.0, which it had just acquired from Astarte GmbH in April 2000.[1][2][3] On July 9, 2001, Apple acquired Spruce Technologies for US$15 million.[4] There were 55 employees in San Jose, California at the time of the acquisition.[2] The development team helped incorporate the features of DVDMaestro into DVD Studio Pro 2.0,[5] which was released on August 6, 2003.[6]



  • DVDConductor
  • DVDMaestro
  • DVDPerformer
  • DVDVirtuoso
  • Premaster Tool
  • SpruceLink
  • SpruceUp


  • DVDStation CX
  • DVDStation MX
  • DVDStation NLE
  • DVDTransfer

Encoder boards[]

  • ACXpress 5100
  • MPX3000


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