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Stephen David Capps was a member of the original Macintosh development team and chief architect of the Newton.


Capps received a B.S. in computer science from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1980.[1][2]


Capps started working at Xerox in Rochester, New York while still a student in the late 1970s.[1][2]

Apple Computer[]

Capps joined Apple Computer in 1981 and became part of the Lisa development team, where he focused on printing. In January 1983, Steve Jobs recruited Capps into the Macintosh team. In November 1983, he helped Bruce Horn complete work on the original Finder before the first Macintosh 128K shipped. He also collaborated on the original release of ResEdit. The team showed their appreciation by declaring a "Steve Capps Day" and dressing up as Capps in a white shirt and cut-off jeans.[1][2][3]

In 1985, Capps took a leave of absence to live in Paris, where he independently developed audio software for the Mac,[2] such as SoundEdit, which he sold to Farallon Computing and was later acquired by MacroMind-Paracomp.[4][5]

Capps returned to Apple in 1987 and joined the Newton development team.[1] He became chief architect and his work on Newton OS 2.0 helped revitalize the platform. In mid 1994, Capps was designated an Apple Fellow for his work.[2]

After Apple[]

In June 1996, Capps joined Microsoft's internet division, where he became a user interface architect on Internet Explorer.[1][6] At Macworld Expo Boston in August 1997, Steve Jobs announced a 5-year deal with Microsoft in which Internet Explorer would become the default browser for the Mac.[7] Capps left Microsoft in 2001.[1]


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