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Zero Configuration networking with Bonjour

Presented by Stuart Cheshire.

Stuart David Cheshire is a senior scientist at Apple who created the Bonjour networking protocol in macOS.


Cheshire received his B.A. and M.A. degrees in computer science from Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge, England in June 1989 and June 1992. He received his M.Sc. in computer science and Ph.D. in computer networking from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California in June 1996 and April 1998.[1]


Cheshire created Bolo, a networked tank game originally written in 1987 for the BBC Micro that was later ported to the Macintosh.[2]


Cheshire joined Apple Computer in January 1998, where he pioneered zero-configuration networking networking. It was originally released for Mac OS X as Rendezvous, and later renamed Bonjour. He was designated a Distinguished Engineer, Scientist or Technologist (DEST) for his work at Apple.[1]


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