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The StyleWriter 1200 was a monochrome inkjet printer from the StyleWriter series that was released by Apple Computer on April 17, 1995, replacing the StyleWriter II.[1]


The StyleWriter 1200 featured a maximum resolution of 720x360-dpi and could print at a speed of 3 pages-per-minute in draft mode or 2 pages-per-minute in best mode.[2] It is compatible with Canon BC-02 bubblejet cartridges.[3]

The printer can be networked through GrayShare software, which requires a host Macintosh computer to do so.[4] An optional StyleWriter EtherTalk Adapter added connectivity to 10BASE-T and 10BASE2 Ethernet for faster networking without the need for a host computer.[5]

Included fonts[]

64 TrueType fonts are included on disk.[1] Support for PostScript Type 1 fonts can be added by using Adobe Type Manager.[6]


The StyleWriter 1200 was quickly discontinued and superseded by the Color StyleWriter 1500 on March 14, 1996.[2][5]


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