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The StyleWriter EtherTalk Adapter is a network device manufactured by Farallon and marketed by Apple Computer for StyleWriter inkjet printers without LocalTalk networking support. It was announced on March 14, 1996 alongside the Color StyleWriter 1500 and 2500 and released in the following month.[1]


The adapter allows supported StyleWriter models to be bridged to an EtherTalk network (10BASE-T and 10BASE2) without the need for a host computer.[2] It is based on Farallon's EtherMac iPrint Adapter SL, configured to bridge Ethernet to a RSS-422 serial port instead of LocalTalk.[3] The adapter can communicate to the printer's serial port at an accelerated speed of 885 Kbps, about 15 times the normal serial speed of 57.6 Kbps, and nearly 4 times the 230.4 Kbps speed of LocalTalk.[4]

Supported StyleWriter models[]

StyleWriter EtherTalk Adapter II[]

A StyleWriter EtherTalk Adapter II was announced on June 16, 1997 to support the Color StyleWriter 4100, 4500, and 6500. Though it was scheduled to be released in August 1997, it does not appear to have ever been shipped.[5][6]


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