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Not to be confused with suitcases for storing resources in classic Mac OS.

Suitcase Fusion, formerly known as just "Suitcase", is a font management utility developed and published by Extensis.


Suitcase was created by Steven L. Brecher and first published by Software Supply.[1] It was acquired by Fifth Generation Systems in 1988 and became known as Suitcase II.[2][3] Fifth Generation Systems itself was acquired by Symantec in October 1993.[4] Suitcase 3.0 was released in 1996 for System 7.5.[5] However, continued development fell behind and Suitcase suffered widely-reported problems with Mac OS 8.5. In February 1999, it was sold to Extensis, where it was quickly updated to Suitcase 8.[6][7]

Suitcase 10 was released in 2002 for users of Mac OS X and later evolved into Suitcase Fusion.[8] Version numbering was revised to match that of Adobe's Creative Cloud.[9][10] Suitcase TeamSync added support for sharing fonts over the cloud. Suitcase Fusion is not yet compatible with Apple M1 processors.[11]


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