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SuperMac Technology is a computer hardware company that was founded in 1985 to produce Macintosh peripherals.


Based in Sunnyvale, California, the company raised US$18 million dollars in an IPO on May 15, 1992.[1] SuperMac acquired E-Machines in 1993 and then was itself acquired by Radius in 1994. The SuperMac brand was sold in 1996 to Santa Clara-based UMAX Technologies, which became a licensed Macintosh clone manufacturer.[2] The subsidiary was dissolved on December 31, 1998.


Graphics cards[]

  • Color Card
  • Color Card 24
  • Spectrum/8
  • Spectrum/8 PDQ
  • Spectrum/8 Series II / III
  • Spectrum/8*24
  • Spectrum/8*24 PDQ / PDQ Plus
  • Spectrum/24 Series III / IV / V
  • Thunder/8
  • Thunder/24
  • Thunder II / II GX
  • ThunderStorm
  • VideoSpigot

Macintosh clones[]


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