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System 0.85

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System 0.85, produced by Apple Computer in late 1983, was provided on the original A Guided Tour of Macintosh disk for the demonstration of the Macintosh 128K computer. It was released with a Finder file labeled as "1.0", but dated December 4, 1983 (older than the Finder 1.0 on the System 0.97 boot disk, which is dated January 18, 1984). It booted directly into the Guided Tour software. This system only runs on the original Macintosh computer with 128k RAM, and pre-dates the Macintosh System Software on the main startup disk released with the Macintosh 128K.

The original Tour disk included the welcome screen, usage information, the Finder, the Amazing game, and Mousing Around. System 0.85 is incompatible with the final version of Finder 1.0 as found on the retail disks for the Macintosh 128K computer.


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