1987 System Software 2.0.1a (4.0/5.4)


System 4.0

System 4.0 (Finder 5.4, System Software 2.0.1) was released January 1, 1987

Aside from bug fixes left over from System 3.2 and System 3.3, there weren't many changes in System 4.0. The Finder wasn't even updated.

In fact, System 4.0's major claim to fame would be the fact that it was the first System to exclude a model, the Mac 128k.

It did have some fixes to accommodate AppleShare, including a new Chooser whose looks changed little through Mac OS 9, and a new Control Panel with an AppleTalk section. System 4.0 was recommended for all Macs with 512k of RAM and higher; the Mac 512k and above (including a Mac 128k with the 512Ke hardware upgrade) were able to run it. The system did not have very high adoption before it was replaced by System 4.1 less than two months later.


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