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1992 Macintosh System 7.0

1992 Macintosh System 7.0.1P (P200)

System 7.0.1P was released in March 1992 for the Performa 200 and 400, which initiated a temporary "Performa system software" era. Despite the differences (and the apparant dual-track system), "normal" Macs were perfectly able to run Performa system software, and vice-versa, although Apple refused to deal with any users that installed or ran the wrong system software.

The most significant changes came in the Launcher control panel for Performas, which not only featured the "regular" Launcher, but also added in features that saved all documents to the Documents folder, and hid the desktop and desktop icons while another application was being run. These were eventually relocated to the Performa control panel. The General Controls control panel replaced a user-customisable desktop-pattern system where the desktop could be customised by painting dots of different colors; instead, a dozen patterns (mostly in color) were made available, in the form of a pop-up menu.

Additionally, the About This Macintosh... menu item under the Apple menu was altered to read "About This Computer", which also resulted in stripping the specific model information.

For color Performas, color support was fully maximised by making the default setting 256 colors instead of black-and-white.

During the boot process, a progress bar was displayed along with the "Welcome to Macintosh" greeting dialog.

Apple Backup and At Ease were also included with System 7.0.1P.

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