The System Folder in Mac OS 9.

The System Folder is a folder which acts as a centralised repository for all items related to the Macintosh system (Mac OS). It continues in existance as of Mac OS X, but has been renamed System (no more "folder" at the end of the name). While Copland was still on the drawing board, a proposal was to rename it Mac OS Folder.

System 1

As of System 1 and until the last version of System 6, there was virtually no order within the System Folder. Everything (with very few exceptions) got placed loose on the root level of the System Folder.

System 1 started out with only 6 items:

System 7

In System 7, some long-awaited organisation finally took place. The following folders were created inside the System Folder:

System 7.1

System 7.1 added the Fonts folder into the System Folder.

System 7.5


System Folder in System 7.5

System 7.5 added yet another boatload of folders into the System Folder:

Mac OS 8

In Mac OS 8, the Contextual Menu Items folder, along with contextual menus, debuted on the Mac OS.

Mac OS 8.5

The following were added by Mac OS 8.5:

Mac OS 9

Mac OS 9 added these folders into the System Folder:

Mac OS X

Mac OS X reformatted the System folder, UNIX-style, and blocked anyone from modifying it the way they could under the Classic Mac OS. The folder was also renamed System instead of System Folder. Everything was stored inside a Library folder inside the System folder.

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