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Mac OS X can only be installed on Macintosh computers which are officially supported by Apple Inc., although a few unsupported utilities do exist.

Installing Mac OS X Public Beta[]

Installing Mac OS X 10.0.x[]



Installing Mac OS X 10.1.x[]

Installing Mac OS X 10.2.x[]

Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar" requires:


  1. Supported video cards: nVidia GeForce2 MX, GeForce3, GeForce4 MX, or GeForce4 Ti; any ATI AGP Radeon card. A minimum of 16 MB video RAM required. (This is only for Quartz Extreme support; any graphics card will work.)
  2. A QuickTime 6 Pro key is required for QuickTime Pro functionality. The QuickTime 5 Pro key will not work after this software is installed.
  3. Requires a DVD-ROM-equipped Macintosh with built-in FireWire.
  4. Features or content provided by Sherlock may change or be discontinued at any time.
  5. The original PowerBook G3 ("Kanga") and processor upgrade cards are not supported. (This should read: "Apple won't provide support for Mac OS X on the Kanga or with processor upgrade cards.)

Installing Mac OS X 10.3.x[]

Installing Mac OS X 10.4.x[]

Installing Mac OS X "Tiger" requires:


  1. Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.
  2. Video conferencing requires a compatible FireWire DV camera or web camera and broadband Internet access. One to one video conferencing requires a G5, G4 or 600 MHz or faster G3 processor and 100 Kbps or faster Internet access. Initiating a multiway video conference requires a G5 or dual 1 GHz or faster G4 processor and 384 Kbps or faster broadband access. Participating in a multiway video conference and initiating a 6-person multiway audo conference both require a G5, 1 GHz G4, or dual 800 MHz or faster G4 processor and 100 Kbps of faster broadband access.
  3. Requires .Mac account.
  4. QuickTime Pro requires QuickTime 7 Pro key. QuickTime 6 Pro key will not work after this software is installed.
  5. Processor upgrade cards are not supported. (Rather, as always, this should read "Apple won't provide support for machines with processor upgrade cards.)

This is the first version of Mac OS X to ship on a DVD. However, for $9.95, the DVD can be traded in for a five CD set for installation on Macs without DVD drives.