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A TPM module from Infineon.

A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a cryptoprocessing unit that handles security operations such as encryption and decryption in hardware to reduce the likelihood of tampering or a cyberattack.

Usage in Power Macs[]

Early TPMs were used by Apple in PowerPC-based Power Mac G4 and G5 models to allow Mac OS X to load securely on official hardware.[1] Apple used this for its digital rights management (DRM) and Mac OS X licensing as it is soldered onto the motherboard to be registered to that particular machine.[citation needed] The Hackintosh community is critical of this technology as it is closed for the sake of security, and seeks to circumvent these measures to run Mac OS X or macOS on unsupported hardware.

Usage in Window PCs[]

These modules have been adopted by PC hardware developers, such as Dell, Intel, HP, and AMD for platform security, and have become a requirement for running recent versions of Microsoft Windows.[2]


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