The TeachText application is a simple text editor made by Apple Inc. that ran on Mac OS 9 and earlier, and now runs only in the Classic environment under Mac OS X. Most likely due to its widespread application in opening up "Read Me" documents which taught the user how to run an application, it was given the name TeachText. It supported only plain text in the default text font (12-point Geneva, at the time) using the MacRoman text encoding, and had limited support for embedded images achieved by replacing non-breaking spaces with images loaded from the file's resource fork.

The underlying text engine was the TextEdit Manager built into Mac OS, which had a limit of 32k on text files, leading to occasional frustrated outcries among its users since it was also the default application for opening "orphaned" text files in the Macintosh operating system.

SimpleText evolved from TeachText which was used to distribute Readme documents, which was derived from the Edit application, a simple editing application distributed with the earliest of Macs to demonstrate the use of the Macintosh interface.

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