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Terrell A. "Terry" Oyama (born 1944) is an industrial designer who was part of the original Macintosh development team at Apple Computer.[1]

Early life and education[]

Oyama grew up in the Happy Valley area of Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii with sisters Bette and Lisa. He attended Lahainaluna High School in Lahaina.[2] In July 1964, Oyama was 3rd runner up in the annual model car design competition held by the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild.[3] He received a B.S. in product design in 1970 from the ArtCenter College of Design, located in Los Angeles, California at the time.[4]


Apple Computer[]

Oyama was recruited by product design manager Jerry Manock to help draft the industrial design of the first Macintosh 128K,[5] which remained in use through the Macintosh Plus. Variations of the design were carried over into the Macintosh SE and Classic series.[6] Oyama's signature is among those molded into the case of the original Macintosh 128K.[7]

After Apple[]

Oyama later joined Radius, co-founded by several former Apple colleagues,[7][8] where he worked on the design of the Radius Pivot display.[9]


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