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The Oregon Trail is a series of historical video games that were originally published by MECC. An updated edition was released by Gameloft for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS.


The game is based on pioneer settler migration during the 1800s on the real-life Oregon Trail.[1]

Release history[]


The Oregon Trail - Apple II game review

The first version of the game was written in BASIC by Don Rawitsch in 1971 on an HP 2100 to help teach history to an 8th grade class in Minnesota.[1]

Commercial releases[]

The Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) published a text-based version of the game for the Apple II in 1978, followed by a graphical version in 1985. A version for classic Mac OS was released in 1993.[2] A city-building version for iOS was released by Gameloft as The Oregon Trail: American Settler on November 17, 2011.[3]

Apple Arcade version[]

An exclusive updated version of The Oregon Trail for Apple Arcade was released by Gameloft on April 2, 2021.[4]

System requirements[]


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