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Timbuktu was an early line of remote access software developed by Farallon for classic Mac OS before Apple Computer created its own Apple Remote Desktop software.

Product history[]

The original Timbuktu featured the ability to remotely access another Mac over an AppleTalk network. Farallon released a modem-based version as Timbuktu Remote for Macintosh. However, it was known to have compatibility issues with Radius Rocket accelerators running versions of RocketWare earlier than 1.3.[1]

Later versions were released as Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS (and Mac OS X). Farallon (later Netopia) also developed versions for Windows 3.1, 95, and NT so that users can remotely access a PC from their Mac, or vice versa. The Mac OS X version contained a Universal binary to support both PowerPC and Intel processors.[2][3]


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