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Time Machine is a graphically-oriented computer backup application included with macOS. First released as part of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), the software is designed to sync with storage devices and is commonly used with disk drives.[1]


Time Machine is intended to be used as a storage and backup utility, instead of an archival utility or offline storage. This app creates backups of files and media that can be accessed and restored at a later date, and works seamlessly with several apps, like Mail and iWork programs. This means it's possible to restore individual files (e.g. files, documents, music, media, mail, etc.)

User interface[]

Timemachine gallery windowsquicklook20070611

The Time Machine interface in OS X Yosemite

When launched and receiving a file, Time Machine automatically starts using Apple's Core Animation API. It "floats" the active Finder or application window into the background, behind the open Time Machine window(s).


Time Machine requires the storage volume to use the Apple File System or journaled HFS+ file format or else the user will be prompted to reformat it. Supported configurations include:[2]


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