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The iPAL (Portable Audio Laboratory) was an audio peripheral manufactured by Tivoli Audio and specifically marketed towards iPod owners.


The iPAL was introduced in June 2004 in a white and chrome color scheme to match with the aesthetics of early iPod models from Apple. It is nearly identical to Tivoli Audio's original Portable Audio Laboratory (PAL) radio and speaker system, which had previously shipped in the summer of 2002.[1] Based on the Tivoli Audio Model One table radio, designed by Henry Kloss and Tom DeVesto, the iPAL features a geared radio tuner for precise frequency control and a single monoaural speaker. The 3.5 mm jack will combine stereo input into a monaural signal for playback through the single 2.5-inch magnetically-shielded driver. Headphones plugged into the output port will still receive a stereo signal from the radio or passed through from the input port. The nickel–metal hydride battery (NiMH) avoids the memory effect issues of earlier rechargeable batteries.[2][3] According to Tivoli Audio, initial shipments were met with "overwhelming demand".[4]


The PAL and iPAL have since been superseded by a Bluetooth model for truly wireless operation.[5]


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