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Today View is a feature of iOS and iPadOS.


Today View for iPads was introduced in iPadOS 13. Swiping left from the first page of the home screen will enable Today View, which will show the time, date and Widgets.


Today View widgets were introduced ever since they were available for iPad, but in iPadOS 13, widgets were made smaller to fit in the compact home screen. Then, in iPadOS 14, they made multiple-sized widgets and the Smart Stack. This built on the iPadOS 13 version with more info at a glance.


On iOS devices before iOS 14, Today View showed the time, search bar, and widgets. It also showed app icons with the app name.

As of iOS 14, Today View no longer shows time. It still shows the search bar, but the display of widgets have changed, now no longer showing app icons and names for built-in apps. This only applies to the Home Screen.

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