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Exactly at the moment you need it to work fast, your Mac may slow down and stop responding your commands. This article is intended to provide advice on ways to manage such situation.

Restart the MacBook[]

In case a restart remedies the problem, and the inconvenience is not returning, the troubleshooting work is done.

Analyze and fix your filesystem[]

  • Boot your Macbook from the OS X Boot CD
  • Run disk Utility and pick ”repair disk” option

In case there is no permission to run the OS X install Optical Disc, apply a Unix request fsck from the Terminal set up for Single User Mode. The specific approach of performing that differs depending on which version of OS X which you have. Proceed to Support in order to receive specific guidance. Drive Utility will do an analysis of existing remedies, and fixes which took place. In case drive Utility is not able to solve a inconvenience, you need to install some third – party soft, or reformat your disk prior to starting any other troubleshooting. Sure thing - reformatting your disk must be the extreme measure, since it will erase your boot drive.

Analyze space of your system drive[]

You must have at least 0.5 GB of unused capacity at any moment. Remember that even in case you can use more free capacity than the amount mentioned during your first Load, swap-files may reduce drive space quickly. Therefore, it is a sound strategy to store at least 3072 Mb of unused space immediately past Loading.

Repair permissions[]

Run this in disk “utility” under your general user login. Choose Load disk and click on First Aid tab, and after that activate “repair permission selection. Learn if this remedies the problem.

Clear System and personal caches[]

Apply some external developer tool like Onyx or Cocktail to thoroughly deep clear all caches, and then reload. Check whether that cures the issue.

Unplug all USB or FireWire hardware, except the mouse[]

Reboot your Mac when completed turning off every piece of external hardware. In case the action makes the issue fade away, you need to look for a fault external hardware, bad cable, or unreliable input on the machine.

Dashboard widgets[]

One of the backgrounds for problem crippling a Macbook performance is that there is enormous number active Dashboard widgets. Those are quite good in downscaling your RAM capacity. Thus you have to check that list of operating widgets and close the ones which consume too many reserves. The best way to solve the complication is possibly to turn these out one by one till the computer unfreezes.

Problems with fonts[]

Another common issue which must be addressed in case your Mac freezes is removing unused fonts. The reason is that average Mac is configured to load all the fonts available whether these are used or not. Remove those fonts which are no longer necessary and this way enhance the Mac productivity.

Third-party solutions[]

Following is a list of recommended Mac applications intended to assist in solving the described problems:

  • IceClean - available free popular application which is capable of managing OS and filesystem.
  • MacPaw - commercial product intended to assist Mac maintenance.
  • Mac fix module of MacKeeper assistance application (paid).

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