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Pippinitis Pippinitis 29 September 2020

UCP migration has occurred on the Apple Wiki

Some editors may have noticed subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the site. We've just made the migration to Fandom's new Unified Community Platform (UCP) and there's no going back. Here's a quick list of the caveats:

  • Blogs: The Blog:Recent_posts page now also displays posts from the community feed. Here is Fandom's page regarding the migration of blogs. To browse blog posts only, see all blog posts (not in chronological order).
  • Editing: If you're having trouble with the new UCP source editor's bugginess, lagginess, and broken "Preview" feature, you can enable an older functional editor by going into your preferences, then the Editing tab, then select "Source editor" from the pop-up menu under Editor. Right now, this pop-up menu preference has not…
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Pippinitis Pippinitis 24 September 2020

LOL rumor sites

There's a disproportionate amount of energy being poured into rumors of new iPhone 12 and iPad Pro models as things are reaching a fever pitch for the October 2020 event. Wikipedia has their rule about overt speculation, but we're not Wikipedia, so here's a few practical guidelines I'd like to lay out so we can keep the fun and enthusiasm, without turning into a fanon site...

  • Most important, include a link or reference to the source from where you're getting your info from, so we know you're not just making it up.
  • Ideal sources that warrant new stand-alone articles should be confirmed information from Apple itself, data gleaned from beta releases, or confirmed leaks of information from manufacturers in Apple's supply chain (photos of parts …
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Pippinitis Pippinitis 17 August 2020

Online resources at Apple

Here are useful links to reference resources at Apple for their hardware and software products:

  • Identify your Apple TV model
  • Identify your Apple Watch
  • Identify your iPad model
  • Identify your iPhone model
  • Identify your iPod model
  • Identify your iMac model (2009 and later)
  • Identify your MacBook model (2009 and later)
  • Identify your MacBook Air model (2009 and later)
  • Identify your MacBook Pro model (2008 and later)
  • Identify your Mac mini model (2009 and later)
  • Identify your Mac Pro model (2009 and later)
  • Tech Specs (existing and discontinued products since 1984)
  • News and Updates (latest builds of Apple software for developers)
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Pippinitis Pippinitis 20 April 2020

Viewing expired auction links from Japan

Auctions can be a valuable resource for finding information about vintage items. However, Yahoo! JAPAN will expire auction listings after a set period of time (a tactic that eBay has also adopted), causing search engines to lead to dead links.

However, even though a URL for a Yahoo! JAPAN auction may have expired, the data from the auction can continue to be viewable through a 3rd party online auction service. For example:

Copy the auction ID number from the Yahoo! URL above and paste it to the end of the web address below: [SUCCESS!]

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