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There's a disproportionate amount of energy being poured into rumors of new iPhone 12 and iPad Pro models as things are reaching a fever pitch for the October 2020 event. Wikipedia has their WP:CRYSTALBALL rule about overt speculation, but we're not Wikipedia, so here's a few practical guidelines I'd like to lay out so we can keep the fun and enthusiasm, without turning into a fanon site...

  • Most important, include a link or reference to the source from where you're getting your info from, so we know you're not just making it up.
  • Ideal sources that warrant new stand-alone articles should be confirmed information from Apple itself, data gleaned from beta releases, or confirmed leaks of information from manufacturers in Apple's supply chain (photos of parts are helpful for confirmation). Unless a third-party statement is from a respected market analyst with a good track record like Ming-Chi Kuo, a random blog saying "zOMG I think AAPL will make iPhone 6000SUX next!!!1!1!" doesn't hold much weight.
  • Read your source carefully, hedged words like "think", "speculated" and "rumored" don't inspire confidence in certainty.

Add the {{speculation}} or {{rumor}} template to the top of articles of a speculative nature, which may not be set in stone, but still properly sourced. Fanon rumors with no respectable sources to back it up should get the {{delete}} template.


Speculation which got it right[]

Speculation which didn't quite get it right[]

Toss ups[]

  • iPhone X, some accurate revisions to predictions in the weeks before the announcement.
  • iPhone 11, some accurate predictions while others guessed "iPhone 11R".