Some editors may have noticed subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the site. We've just made the migration to Fandom's new Unified Community Platform (UCP) and there's no going back. Here's a quick list of the caveats:

  • Editing: If you're having trouble with the new UCP source editor's bugginess, lagginess, and broken "Preview" feature, you can enable an older functional editor by going into your preferences, then the Editing tab, then select "Source editor" from the pop-up menu under Editor. Right now, this pop-up menu preference has not yet been synced between UCP and non-UCP sites as it was hastily implemented recently after apoplectic feedback from angry power users, so you may have to reset your preferences when jumping back and forth between UCP and legacy sites, but Fandom claims this is being worked on.
  • Image files: Display of recent image and video files have been combined in a Gallery of new files page. If you find the new user interface to be awkward for adding images, here is a link to the classic Special:Upload page.
  • Infoboxes: Previous bugs causing problems with video displayed in "portable" infoboxes (which Fandom advised us to migrate to) appear to have been fixed. See the past bug report here. Legacy infoboxes were not affected.
  • References: The old <references/> tag no longer wraps correctly around page design features such as infoboxes, but the {{reflist}} template has been modified to do so (though as a geometric block, for now).
  • RSS: News feeds are non-functional at this time.
  • WAM metrics: Fandom used to compile leaderboards of wiki activity, but this feature has not yet been ported and is now non-functional following the UCP migration of their community server on January 28, 2021. The Apple Wiki reached a peak vertical rank of #66 in December 2020 and remained within the top 100 prior to WAM going offline.
  • Other features: See Dev_Wiki:UCP at the Fandom Developers Wiki to see the status of specific features that have yet to be ported. GlobalEditcount on user pages is one feature that has not been ported and is presently flagged as a "blocked" feature.
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