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Where Cards Fall is a puzzle video game developed by The Game Band and published by Snowman for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and visionOS, as well as Windows.


The player uses cards representing memories to bring them to life by building houses out of the cards.[1]


Where Cards Fall was announced by Apple on September 16, 2019 as an exclusive through Apple Arcade and early access was provided from that day to select users.[2] On the following September 19th, it became publicly available as a launch title that was included with subscription to Apple Arcade.[3] It was also released for Windows and the Nintendo Switch in November 2021.[4]

Augmented reality features for visionOS became available on May 30, 2024 with an update to natively support the Apple Vision Pro.[5]


Where Cards Fall received an Apple Design Award in 2020.[6]

System requirements[]

As of May 2024, the minimum requirements for access through Apple Arcade are:


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